A Dose of Serious with Loads of Fun

A great game is an outcome of awesome people getting together, fostering a culture of collaborative achievement, and delivering value through unbridled positivity

At KRAFTON INDIA, we are committed to achieving positive outcomes for our employees, stakeholders, and society by embodying responsibility, effectiveness, collaboration, innovation, and openness.


Recognition and Celebration

Our recognition program acknowledges the contributions made by colleagues and commemorates their accomplishments. We also showcase our appreciation for employees with 'loyalty awards' honouring their contribution to the company.

Fostering Rapid Learning and Growth

Our learning policy allows colleagues to explore new growth and professional development opportunities. It empowers them to select from a diverse range of programs to enhance their skills, excel in their current roles, and prepare for the future.

Holistic Well-Being Focused Workplace

We are dedicated to maintaining a healthy workplace by prioritizing physical emotional, and financial well-being. Our policies are designed to support employees in these areas, including counselling services for emotional support.

Making Work Fun

Our Fun @ Work initiatives promote a balanced integration of work and leisure, encouraging stronger team interactions. Employees eagerly anticipate Play Day, Tambola, festive celebrations, offsite events, team luncheons, and dinners and participate actively.

How We Work

Our commitment to building games people will love is founded on a workplace that drives development excellence and an unceasing creative spirit.

Innovation-Focused. Always.

Run-of-the-mill is not our style. We develop games that blend uniqueness and gameplay discerning gamers haven’t encountered before.

Be Original. Be Bold.

Fearlessness breeds originality. We provide a work environment that drives courageous decision-making to deliver an unbeatable gaming experience.

One Team. One Dream.

Be your own person and contribute to the team effort to do only one thing right—delivering world-class games.

Work Hard, Play Harder. Bring out the Best.

The focus is on work, but unwind, relax, and recharge your batteries so you can always put your best foot forward.

A lot of Green. Soothe the Soul.

We offer a calming work environment that thrives on the ‘go green’ motto, backed by green views surrounding the office.


Maximizing Potential of Employee Networks

Our employees are our brand ambassadors, enabling us to attract top-tier talent. We encourage employees to share their positive experiences and recommend talent that can support KRAFTON INDIA’s goals and objectives.

Experts with Wider Perspectives

KRAFTON considers an optimized balance of game production and services, and a variety of platforms and genres. We do not confine our thinking to Korea, but look further at lobal standards and contemplate how to reach global success.

Contribution and Performance of User Perspective

We constantly look back and check whether our thoughts, orientations, and production leadership are tailored to producing games that satisfy and are recognized by our users. We always think of points to observe, analyze, and increase understanding of our users.

Capacity to Adapt Quickly

Recognizing that existing methods do not guarantee success and that change is a matter of survival, our gaming experts adapt quickly to new roles required by constantly evolving demands. However, it is imperative not to be swayed by trends but to evolve slowly and steadily.

Clear and Constructive Communication

We love people who are doers yet active listeners, and focus on establishing clear lines of communication with their teams and colleagues. This results in a more productive environment. For us constructive criticism is a welcome way of ushering in meaningful change.

Responsibility and Accountability

Our talent takes complete ownership of assigned tasks and does not appropriate blame for failure. Yet, they are not afraid to see success as a team effort. This allows KRAFTON to become a complete value-driven organization.

Life at KRAFTON INDIA is fun and inspiring. The flexibility here lets me try out different things. Each day, I work with my team to make our games better and more engaging. It’s a creative, exciting place to work, and I enjoy every minute of it!

Komal Gupta, IN PM Team

Since joining KRAFTON INDIA, I have experienced numerous memorable moments that have enriched my professional life. This company has not only been a workplace but a place to grow, thrive, and build lasting relationships. Thank you to the leadership team for the transparent communication and consistent support. It’s a privilege to work under guidance that is not only inspiring but also deeply committed to ethical standards and employee well-being.

Balakrishna Pai, IN Esports Team

For me, KRAFTON INDIA is a great place for learning and inspiration, and I am really lucky to be a part of a very talented art team.

The work culture in KRAFTON INDIA is amazing. One thing I would like to say is KRAFTON INDIA as a company gives value and appreciation to every employee, which is a motivation to put more effort into our work and elevate the name of KRAFTON INDIA.

Anfin Jose Martin, IN Design Team

Life at KRAFTON INDIA is super fun and is filled with continuous learning every day! It encourages creative thinking and provides complete freedom in how I approach and solve problems. This supportive environment allows me to deliver a delightful user experience to all our users. What more could a product manager ask for?

Balaji Boopathy, IN PM Team

Returning to the office after my maternity leave was both exciting and challenging, but the warm welcome from team & colleagues made a significant difference.

A big thanks to all.

Life at KRAFTON INDIA is dynamic and engaging environment filled with passionate gamers and talented professionals from various fields.
The challenges enables us to stretch our limits, learn new things, and grow personally and professionally.

For me, KRAFTON INDIA is place filled with creative environment collaborative teams, fast-paced work opportunities for growth and ultimately a workplace that everyone wants to work.

Jyothi Pulliparmble Subramanian, IN General Affairs Team


KRAFTON India welcomes talent that can support its aim of revolutionizing the Indian gaming industry with world-class games and nurturing a flourishing gaming community. If you’ve got what it takes, you can do amazing things at KRAFTON India.