Garuda Saga

Garuda Saga

  • RPG Roguelike Casual Auto Shooter
  • Mobile (iOS, Android)

Gamers are Garuda, weaving their way around a fantasy version of India to save King Allu. This roguelike game tests gamers' skills as they journey through various levels, squaring off against monsters, mini-bosses, and level-bosses, to win the Garuda Saga.

Ultimate Speed and Action Unlocked

A trusted bow and exceptional speed will help you conquer various levels, where you will face formidable mini and level bosses. The perfect combination of strong role-playing elements and the captivating single-player experience makes this game a clear winner.

Rooted in India

Gamers are Garuda, the legendary hero. You are tasked with saving King Allu. Harness elemental powers to fight endless monsters and experience unique adventures.

Compelling Roguelike Gameplay

Single-player roguelike action takes you through a game full of dynamic magical effects where you can keep customizing your character to keep things interesting. No two playthroughs are alike, which makes this mobile game unputdownable.

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