The hype cycle just goes on and on with esports!

From BGMI to our newly launched games, KRAFTON INDIA Esports ensures fans not only play these games with friends and family but also participate in tournaments from open to all to pro levels showcasing their gaming skill sets. KRAFTON INDIA Esports has organized some of the biggest gaming tournaments in India, where gamers embark on a wild, crazy ride to earn gaming glory.

Year after year, KRAFTON INDIA Esports has hosted exciting tournaments for Indian esports fans and will continue to invest in even bigger and more exciting tournaments in the future.

KRAFTON INDIA’s focus is on building and fueling a gaming ecosystem founded on an inherent love for gaming, and these massive tournaments are a great platform for gamers to showcase their gaming skills and become an active part of this ecosystem.






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Esports Story

Relive the Best Esports Moments of 2023

Electrifying tournaments and unforgettable gaming moments – This is the essence of the Esports story. Gamers showcase their prowess in different KRAFTON INDIA games, turning enthusiasts into winners. The focus is on fostering an ever-growing community of gaming aficionados who can connect through exhilarating gaming events.