Dedicated to cultivating an exciting and enduring presence in India’s gaming domain, KRAFTON INDIA is a division of the Korean-headquartered KRAFTON Inc. that has been at the forefront of discovering and publishing captivating gaming experiences since 2007.

Innovation, an unwavering commitment to delivering unique and riveting gaming experiences, and a deep understanding of the expectations of India’s gaming community have helped the company establish itself as a leading name in the Indian gaming industry. KRAFTON INDIA believes in a holistic approach to revolutionizing Indian gaming. While games like BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI), Road to Valor: Empires, Garuda Saga, Defense Derby, and New State Mobile are capturing the imagination of India’s gamers, the KRAFTON INDIA Gaming Incubator (KIGI) launched in 2023, aims to acts as a catalyst for gaming development.

The company is extremely bullish on India and has positioned itself as a catalyst to build a thriving gaming community in India.


During my travels in central India, I overheard my taxi driver discussing his first-ever trip to Mumbai for BGIS, India’s biggest Esports event. He was thrilled about experiencing the event and learning about esports and gaming.

This encounter filled me with pride and reflection.

Today, the Indian gaming environment is on the brink of transformation. As a passionate gaming organization, we are excited and humbled to lead this revolution. Our innovation journey is fueled by India’s vibrant gaming culture and passionate gamers. Our commitment extends beyond games to nurturing a thriving gaming community.

With strong investments, new games, booming esports events, and our incubator program, we aim to create immersive gaming experiences and provide a platform for aspiring developers and gamers to prosper.

We deeply value India as a gaming market and cherish the passion of Indian gamers. Our team here is crucial to our success, and we appreciate their unwavering dedication.
Join us on this exhilarating journey as we redefine gaming in India and beyond!

Sean Hyunil Sohn, CEO, KRAFTON INDIA


WILL : Thirst For Creativity

Be Original,
Stay Creative

We are pioneers in everything that we do,which requires us to be curious and stay creative.

KRAFTON’s culture is comprised of each of our studio’s unique creative identities and the cutting edge technology that powers them. Our passion for creativity, combined with our fan-centric mentality, ensure that the KRAFTON will always be loved and trusted.

WAY : Growth Through Challenges

Be Bold,
Learn and Win

We believe that bold attempts are required to solve problems.

Challenges will arise in new and unpredictable ways, but we treat each one as a new opportunity and lesson learned. We understand that success is a result, not a goal, so we are constantly seeking new challenges to make us better, helping us build a foundation for future success.

SPIRIT : Aligned On One Vision

One Team,
One Dream

Teamwork is the foundation that allows us to achieve our goals.

Our team members share a common vision and passion to help us realize these goals. Together, we are stronger, and we believe in leveraging our multicultural team to bring their own beliefs, ideas, and experiences to KRAFTON to resolve any challenges as one.